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Homeland Security Training Inc [HSTI]
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Mission Statement

Homeland Security & Training Inc. (HSTI) is an incorporated company specializing in providing customized counter-terrorist training (military, airline, police, security, surveillance, legal, and medical first response). Our resources allow for training to be specifically designed towards the security goals of each individual client.

With the advent of September 11, 2001 accompanied with the decline in the public policing sector, the awareness by society for heightened security training has increased. Unfortunately, many businesses and facilities lack the resources to fortify the regular or lower-end security needs. Corporations know that if their executives are a target or at risk, the corporations are also at risk. Therefore corporations need to provide the required personal protection training for their executive employees. HSTI personnel are skilled to the highest of standards in order to meet your training needs. HSTI is a company that provides the most elite personnel for military, police, security, medical, risk assessment, negotiations and first response strategies.

We look forward to meeting you and providing a safe environment.



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